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In our present day situation, the living room is one of those areas where many family activities occur. Especially in apartments, where space is limited, the living room serves like a multi-purpose area for relaxing, entertaining, studying and dining.

Many households in Hong Kong especially, do not have the luxury of a separate dining room or area. The dining table sometimes doubles up as the study table for kids in the family. In places like these, where space is scarce, every inch is precious. Below are some suggestions to carve out more space in the living room so that it will be functional and not look cluttered.

They are classified into two sections. The first one is for those who are planning to move in to a new place and the second one is for those who are already living there but would like to make some improvement to the living area.

Suggestion One:

Suggestion Two:

Take a good look at your living room now. Is there anything that seems out of place, or have you not have enough storage to accommodate all the important items that have to belong in this room? Will shifting around the furniture solve the storage problem? Are there ways you can carve out extra space by doubling or tripling the function of the furniture? (e.g. a pretty chest can serve as a storage for that out of season clothing as well as a coffee table or corner display place for your telephone, fax machines, vase as well as photo displays. A shoe cabinet can also double up as a display cabinet for other ornaments.)

Choose furniture with a mirrored surface, if possible to give the illusion of space in a very small room. If you do not have small kids in the house, a glass top dining table, coffee table would be ideal for a small living room as they give the illusion of not being there but yet is functional.

Note of Caution:

Any advice given on this web site, whether by or a third party author should be used only if you feel that it poses no risk to person or property.

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