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"Having a powerful CV or Résumé is an investment in your career's future / earning power."

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Résumé | 履歷

The CV Workshop used to offer individual coaching sessions on CV writing skills and strategies tailored to an individual's own case. Now this is just an information web site.

Curriculum vitae, usually called "CV" or résumé, is your essential marketing material. It tells prospective employers why and how a person is a good fit for the job and the organization. You need a CV or résumé when applying for a job or contemplating a career change. Being an important document, a well-written CV or résumé greatly improves your chance of getting interviewed and landing with a job you want.

A CV or résumé summarizes your career history, your work experience and your skills for your prospective employer. At "The CV Workshop" ( 履歷工作坊 ) we have guided many job seekers to help themselves prepare their own CVs or résumés after:

  1. analyzing their skills, professional experiences, and work histories
  2. understanding their direction and ambition for their new careers
  3. looking at the job requirements of the specific jobs that they are applying for

If you are job hunting or getting ready for a career change, you need a professionally written CV or résumé to give yourself a higher than average chance of being interviewed. Stop putting off updating or writing your CV or résumé - invest in a professionally written quality CV or résumé that you can write yourself, so that you can face the job market confidently! You will learn the skills needed to update your own CV for the rest of your career.